Grand Prize winning Jalapeno Bacon Corn Cheese Fritters on the DISC-IT with Albukirky Seasonings

Kirk Muncrief is back again as the guest chef and he is sharing his Grand Prize winning DISC-IT Round Up Recipe! Check out Kirk as he teaches me how to make the Jalapeño Cheesy Corn Fritters!

Team Albukirky Seasonings has been the grand champion of the DISC-IT Round Up twice already and is ready for another attempt!

Torta de Juevo on the DISC-IT

This week, my mom finally teaches me how to make a recipe that I’ve wanted to learn for years! She joins me as the guest chef for this episode and I finally learned how to make Torta de Juevo! This dish is commonly made on Fridays during the lent season (as it contains no meat) but is also traditionally served on holidays.

Now most of the time we make the red chile from scratch but had the opportunity to use the next best thing: Cervantes Red Chile sauce. This product is made in Albuquerque and can be bought at most local grocery stores. OF course you can get it online. Check them out at

For Torta de Juevo all you need is eggs, red chile and of course a DISC-IT.

Watch, share and enjoy!

Tripitas and Carnitas on the DISC-IT

The very first episode of Season 9 of our cooking show kicks of with a common requested recipe. New guest chef Mr Vince Trujillo of Go Local Boom joins us and teaches us how to prepare and cook this traditional meal. I must admit, this is not something I would normally order off of the menu, but was pleasantly surprised with the flavors.

Watch and learn as we make Tripitas y Carnitas on the DISC-IT!

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Calamari on the DISC-IT

Guest Chef Ethan Diness joins us again and teaches me how to make some amazing Calamari on the DISC-IT.

We all know  that the DISC-IT can cook ANYTHING!  But sometimes we just need to share “how” to cook some of these amazing recipes.

It is very common to use the DISC-IT for Fajitas, Chicharrones and breakfast by how about some seafood?

Watch this week’s episode and learn how to make some perfectly cooked Calamari on the DISC-IT!

Bacon Wrapped Shrimp with Earl’ss Gone Wild Habañero Jam on the DISC-IT

This week we meet a new guest chef. Welcome Mr. Ethan Diness to the cooking show. Ethan shares an great product that we have been wanting to use on the DISC-IT! Watch and share as we use some Eark’s Gone Wild Habañero jam and some shrimp on the DISC-IT!

Ingredients needed:
1) 1 jar of Earls Gone Wild Habenero Jam
2) 2 lbs. Hawaiin White Shrimp ( or best you can find)
3) 1-2 lbs. of thickly sliced hardwood smoked bacon (applewood or hickory)

Equipment: DISC-IT,long metal tongs,medium to large metal bowl for jam,1 roll paper towels,sharp chef knife,2nd bowl medium size to drain bacon lined with paper towels,1 pack fancy toothpicks,sani gloves

Set up your mis-en-place area

A) Clean Shrimp and keep refrigerated.
B) Cut all Bacon strips into thirds.
C) Place Jam in bowl to dredge shrimp.
D) Heat DISC-IT on a medium heat setting.
E) Place Bacon strips on outer area of DISC-IT and start to render the fat from Bacon and reserve it to saute Shrimp.
F) Cook Bacon thoroughly,yet do not cook to crispy,and hold off of the DISC-IT.
G) Add Shrimp to the Bacon fat and simmer ,do not overcook Shrimp.When Shrimp is finished cooking add to the bowl with the jam.
H) Wrap Bacon around Shrimp and use the toothpicks to secure (1 per) and use as a handle.

Eat and Repeat

Japanese Peppered Beef on the DISC-IT

We FINALLY got Mr Yosh to be our guest chef on our cook show and to teach us how to make his Second to None Peppered Beef on the DISC-IT! If you love Beef you will not want to miss this episode! Yosh makes his green beans with Saki and seasonings on one DISC-IT and then kicks it up several notches as he shows us how to make the Peppered Beef in a second DISC-IT! Watch the video to watch!